How to Insert Images in your Office Software [Mac, Microsoft & Open Source]

Pages and pages of text is boring, and often the easiest way to add interest to your document is to insert images. If you are using a template, then there usually are images inserted already, however for those that are designing documents from scratch, the following details how to insert images into your documents for the major office suites. / NeoOffice / LibreOffice Writer

To insert an image in Writer, put your cursor where you want the image to be positioned.

Then select Insert >> Picture >> From File…

Your image should appear in the document. Usually in the middle of the page.

Right click on the image and from the pop-up menu select alignment and then the desired position on the page. In this example we are selecting ‘Right’.

To wrap your text around the image, right click on the picture, then select ‘wrap’ and the appropriate wrapping that you want. For this example I selected ‘Optimal Page Wrap’.

The text will then wrap around the image, adding a nice shape to your document.

Dont forget to check my previous tutorial on How to insert and edit background images in Writer.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft has the following tutorials for inserting pictures into your Word documents.

Mac: Pages

Apple has the following support article to assist users with working with images inside their word processing program – Pages.

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