Keyboard Shortcuts for your Office Software [Mac, Microsoft & Open Source]

Regardless of the flavour of Office Productivity software that you use, be it, LibreOffice, NeoOffice, Microsoft Office or Apple products including Pages, Numbers and Keynote… there are keyboard shortcuts – a series of keyboard strokes that used together to perform tasks usually performed by selecting menu items.

This post addresses the use of these keyboard shortcuts, or shortcut keys as they are sometimes known.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

There are keyboard shortcuts which save time and effort in getting basic tasks done. Some are applicable to all types of Office software, and some are particular only to certain programs.

Here are 6 shortcut keys to get you started.



Shortcut Command Shortcut Command
+C Copy +C Copy
+V Paste +V Paste
+Z Undo +Z Undo
+Y Redo +Y Redo
+B Bold +B Bold
F1 Help Menu F1 Help Menu

As you can see above, usually the difference between Mac and Windows is that you use the CTRL key in Windows (and Linux) and the COMMAND key on a Mac (OS X).

There are many, many keyboard shortcuts and it would be impossible to list them all here. However there are many sites around the internet that have lists of keyboard shortcuts. I have put together a list of links below to assist you to find the program that you are looking for, however generally it is a good idea to use Google and search using terms such as: “keyboard shortcuts” Microsoft Word 2003. Include the version of the software to assist in making sure that the shortcuts that you find will be relevant to your program. / NeoOffice / LibreOffice

With each of these it is easy to retrieve a list of all the keyboard shortcuts from within the application itself. Simply hit F1 (for Help – or go to the Help Menu and select OpenOffice Help / NeoOffice Help / LibreOffice Help), and then search for “shortcut keys”.

You will see a screen like the following. On the left hand side, double click on ‘General’ under ‘Shortcut Keys’, and you will be presented with the help page that details all the shortcut keys available in the version that you have.

Microsoft Windows and Office

Microsoft have put together a master page of the programs and guides to keyboard shortcuts to save you having to search all over their website.

Mac – Pages, Keynote and Numbers

Additional Resources


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