An introduction to “Page Styles” in Writer [Video Demonstration]

Often long documents are created in Writer, and these often have complex formatting. They consist of design elements such as text, objects, paragraphs, characters, tables, etc.

One of these design elements are pages.

Pages have different properties compared to paragraphs and text, e.g. size and width, margins etc. From Writer’s point of view these properties make up an “instruction set” for the creation of pages that happens in the document layout and this instruction set is what we call page styles.

Users that understand and like the power of styles in Writer are able to understand what page styles are. And once they see and understand that there are no “hard attributes” for pages (as pages exist only virtually) they get used to work with page styles when they want to change “page properties”.

For example, if I want to have a page that doesn’t have a footer as a standard style, I may set up the page style ‘First Page’ – this could be used for the first page of my document, the first page of a chapter, etc.

I may choose to have a footer on all other pages – so I format my ‘Default’ page style to include footers.

Now whenever I want a page with a footer, I choose the page style ‘Default’. And when I want a style that excludes a footer, I choose the page style ‘First Page’.

See the video below which introduces this idea and has an example of this.

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