Updates for Google Docs

For all that I love office productivity software, I love it in the cloud as well. In my opinion, Google Docs is a great, free offering for simple office productivity software in the cloud.

I keep a couple of personal spreadsheets that I update and share with my husband, and I love the online forms capability that comes standard with the spreadsheets offering and use them with a few clients.

There has been some discussion about up-and-coming features that will be available in Google Docs including:

  • Offline mode (not dependent on Google Gears – thank goodness)
  • Cloud print – print from anywhere
  • Access Google Docs from inside MS Office with a plugin – open and save functionality
  • Return of the preview of txt file function (this was available a year ago, and is back due to popular demand)

There is a more detailed version of the above points available at The Business Insider if you want to head over there.

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