How to Add a Tick Symbol ✓ to Writer documents [LibreOffice, OpenOffice]

To insert the tick (✓) symbol into a Writer document, follow these instructions.

From the menu (in Windows and Mac) click on Insert –> Special Character.

From the Font dropdown, you need to select a font that will include the tick symbol. Times New Roman does NOT include this symbol. One font to use is OpenSymbol.

Select OpenSymbol and then scroll down until you see the tick symbols – see screenshot for an example.

You can double click on the symbol to insert into your document, or click once on the symbol and then click ‘OK’.

Reader Question: Showing and Hiding Themes [OpenOffice & LibreOffice]

Jerry left a comment saying that he had trouble with the following:

“cannot find how to show/hide themes in calc”

Thanks, Jerry.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you mean, but some refer to the Gallery in OpenOffice as ‘themes’. (Please leave a comment below if this is not what you meant.)

To show and hide the Gallery (in Calc, Writer or Impress) simply select the following in the menu: Tools >> Gallery


Keep the questions coming – I currently have a bit of a backlog, but will continue to work through the answers.

Beautiful borders and backgrounds in OpenOffice [or LibreOffice]

Table properties box

I received the following query from Melissa: How do I create page borders that are nice, like ivy leaves or coloured swirly lines? All I can figure out are the straight black border lines. Thanks, Melissa. Personally, I’ve found that the border tool is generally only for variations on the straight border as you have […]

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Spell check does not work for Mac 2011


If you are having difficulties with spell check Mac in the new Office 365 suite, then it’s probably no surprise – especially if you’re not using Windows and not in the US. However I find that the advice provided on the MS website is actually working for me, so I’d suggest running through the first […]

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Quickly See All the Formulas in Excel with This Shortcut


I’ve been flat out so haven’t updated this in a while – apologies to those who’ve used it as a resource. I came across this today, which has been timely as I needed some help with a pesky spreadsheet. Something wrong with some numbers in that spreadsheet? Lifehacker has a shortcut that displays all the […]

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Making Search Relevant and Recent (Getting Help that Helps!)


Often, when people search for information on the web, they put search terms into Google and click search. This is especially relevant to searching for solutions to software problems as you want the solution to apply to the version of software that you currently have (if you have the most up-to-date version). Unfortunately, this general […]

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Integrating Google Maps in your documents (taking screenshots)


A friend of mine recently asked how can he integrate a Google Map into his document. The easiest way to do this is using a screen shot, however it is important to note that if you are going to use a map from Google, you need to attribute it. According to my reading of this […]

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How to Extract Media from PowerPoint Files (works for both Windows and Mac)


Lately I’ve been receiving a number of files in pptx format, but I present using my iPad and so convert these presentations to Keynote. If the slides contain images and text only, this conversion is relatively painless – usually there are just a few formatting and alignment issues that need to be addressed and then […]

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FAQ: How to I change the default language in Word for Mac? [Word 2011]


With Office 2011 for Mac, you can check spelling and grammar in languages other than English. Word 2011 for Mac comes with foreign-language dictionaries such as Czech, French, Russian, and you can also change the ‘brand’ of English (UK, US, Australian). The default dictionary determines which language’s proofing tools Word uses for spelling and grammar. […]

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FAQ: How to Show Column A in LibreOffice Calc

I recently had a comment in response to FAQ: How to hide columns in Calc [Show / Hide] and decided to answer it with a video. It details two methods: A method in which you can show (unhide) all columns (this can be applied to rows), and  A method for unhiding column A alone  

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